Affiliations and links


Workplace Consulting Organisation (WCO) - established by Nigel and other leading consultants as a professional network for �raising the profile of workplace consulting and improving the understanding of the value of workplace consulting�.


BASS Net - co-created by Nigel and Alexi Marmot, "BASS is an informal network for social scientists, and like-minded individuals, working within the design and architectural industry". 


Office Producvtivity Network (OPN) - co-founded by Paul Bartlett and Nigel, the OPN is "the premier information resource for office-based businesses to improve the productivity of their workforce through their office environment".


British Council for Office (BCO) - Nigel has written guidance on behalf of the the British Council for Offices; the BCO's "mission is to research, develop and communicate best practice in all aspects of the office sector".


Toastmasters International - the Toastmasters is a good value and frriendly way of honing presentation skills. Nigel is working through the Competent Communicator manual.


Afternoon in the Pub - After many trips to St Albans, Nigel established the Berkhamsted "Afternoon in the Pub", a business social in an informal setting.


Workplace Trends - Nigel set up the Workplace Trends series of conferences back in 2003. 


Learning Environments - Nigel set up the Learning Environments series of conferences in 2007. 

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