Empirical research and literature reviews


Our workplace strategies and design briefs our based on solid evidence. Workplace Unlimited will conduct surveys and carry out relevant analysis, on behalf of our clients, to thoroughly understand their business and their related workplace requirements. These surveys form part of the briefing and change management processes.


Workplace Unlimited also conducts independent research on workplace related subjects. We have explored the relationship between workplace design, environmental conditions and psychological factors on comfort, satisfaction and productivity. Sometimes we carry out research in real office environments and sometimes we collate published material.



Productivity research: Weighted objectively measured productivity benefits from 200+ studies


With 12 years previous experience of conducting government research, our research is credible and reliable. Workplace Unlimited has carried out research projects on behalf of the Atomic Weapons Establishment, British Council for Offices, Herman Miller and the Office productivity Network.


We regularly publish our research findings in journals or as industry guidance. See our publications page for a list of recent papers and guidance.



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