Events & Speaking Engagements

Workspace Design Show, London, February 2023

Nigel chairs an occupier session on "The Office is Dead, Long Live the Office".

BCO Midlands Research Seminar, Birmingham, February 2023

Nigel presents his latest reseaerch on future UK office densities.

How we work: Redesigning the office, London, February 2023

Nigel presents his view on the future office on this BBC World Service programme.

Workplace Trends Conference, London, October 2022

Nigel chairs this annual conference on the latest thinking in workplace design.

Workplace Design Conference, Slovenia, September 2022

Nigel chairs the conference at Lake Bled.

Beyond the Workplace Zoo, Milan, September 2022

Nigel presents his book at the annual Transdisciplnary Workplace Research conference.

Design for the Range Not the Average, Edinburgh, September 2021

Nigel presents at the Comfort at the Extremes (CATE) comference on why interational standards are wrong to base recommendations on the average human.

Workplace Trends Research Summit, London, March 2022

Nigel chaired this annual conference on the latest applied research relevant to workplaces.

Post Occupancy Evaluation, London, December 2021

Nigel lectures on POE to the Wellbeing in Buildings masters students at UCl.

Beyond the Workplace Zoo, Virtual, November 2021

Nigel presents his latest book to the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).

Beyond the Workplace Zoo, London/Hybrid, October 2021

Keynote adress in which Nigel introduces his latest book to the Workplace Trends conference audience.

Workplace Design Conference, Slovenia, September 2021

Nigel chairs the conference at Lake Bled and also faciltates a workshop on Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE).

The Future of Work, London, June 2021

Nigel joins a panel, hosted by the Association of Business Psychology, to debate the future of work.

Designing for Creativity: A Psychologists Perspective, Virtual, April 2021

Nigel presents his views on how to increase creativity in the office to the American Institute of Architects.

Designing Loneliness out of the Workplace, Virtual, October 2020

Nigel presents his research and advice on resolving workplace loneliness at the Conscious Cities festival.

The End of the Office as We Know It, Virtual, October 2020

Nigel debates the need for offices post-pandemic at the Workplace Trends conference.

Personal Preferences in the Modern Office, Frankfurt, September 2020

Nigel presents his survey results at the Transdisciplinary Workplace Resarch (TWR) conference. He also makes a short keynote presentation on "The future office: End-user needs in 2030".

Designing Offices for Personal Preferences, Virtual, June 2020

Nigel presents his latest survey results to the Smart Workplace Design Summit.

Sharp WCD Launch, Amsterdam, March 2020

Nigel presents his literature review and research findings on "Perfect environmental conditions for effective meetings", conducted on behalf of Sharp.