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Nigel has published over 100 papers, guides and books including the following:


Burt K, Oseland N A, Marks K & Greenberg B (2010) Making Flexible Working Work.

   London: British Council for Offices.

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Oseland N A (2012) The Psychology of Collaboration Space. London: Herman Miller.

Oseland N A (2012) The Psychology Of Collaboration Space, Full Paper WPU-OP-02. Workplace

   Unlimited Occasional paper.

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Oseland N A (2017) Proving the productivity benefits of well-designed offices. Chapter 10

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Oseland N A (2017) From POE to BPE: The next era. Chapter 1 in Building Performance

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Oseland N A (2018) Open Plan Classrooms, Noise & Teacher Personality. London:

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Oseland N A (2020) Lonliness as always been a workplace issue. Insight, March

Oseland N A (2020) Personal Office Preferences: Full Report and Detailed Analysis. London:

Workplace Unlimited.

Oseland N A (2022) Beyond th Workplace Zoo: Humanising the Office. Routledge.

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Oseland N A & Burton A (2012) Quantifying the impact of environmental conditions on worker

   performance for inputting to a business case. Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal and

   Valuation 1(2).

Oseland N A & Burton A (2013) Building the business case. Facilities Management 20(08).

Oseland N A & Hodsman P (2015) Planning for Psychoacoustics: A Psychological Approach

   to Resolving Office Noise Distraction. Workplace Unlimited.

Oseland N A & Hodsman P (2017) Psychoacoustics: Resolving noise distractions in the

   workplace. Chapter 4 in Ergonomics Design for Healthy and Productive Workplaces.

   Abingdon: Taylor & Francis. [buy]

Oseland N A & Webber C (2012) Benefits of Flexible Working, WPU-OP-01. Workplace

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Oseland N A, Tucker M J & Wilson H (2021) Determining the Retrun on Workplace Investment. Workplace Unlimited client report.

Oseland N A, Marmot A, Swaffer F & Ceneda S (2011) Environments for successful interaction.

   Facilities, 29(1/2), 50-62.


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